Cycling Near Me in UK

Cycling near me in UK

The UK offers some amazing cycling opportunities, which perhaps most British residents are not aware of or
underestimates.Cycling in the United Kingdom dates back to the earliest days of the bicycle.The region boasts a wide range of great cycling landscapes including, mountainous areas of Scotland and Wales, Moorland uplands of the Peak District and the Yorkshire Dales among others.In this article, we’ll take you through some of the cycling routes, events, and clubs in the UK.

UK Cycling Clubs

Cycling is a great of keeping fit and getting out and about. Are you tired of dodging traffic in UK cities alone?  robably, you’re looking to explore some new ground in England. Then, you need to join a cycling club. Cycling clubs are the backbone of UK cycling. A cycling club offers a good opportunity to meet new people and improve your cycling skills as well. The following are some of the cycling clubs in the United Kingdom you should consider joining.

London Dynamo

London Dynamo is a renowned cycling club in the city, having existed for more than 20 years now. The club
has been organizing Saturday morning laps in the city. This is a great and brilliant way to ride in a group. All you need is to avail yourself on a Saturday morning and your well-maintained road bike. Newcomer’s rides are usually held on the first Saturday of every month.

Meridian Cycling Club

A cycling club in South of England that rides every Wednesday. Meridian has a membership of about 140 riders with approximately 70 turning up for Wednesday rides.Riders are split into 5 different groups depending on your riding ability. The club is not strict and you can go with the groups your friends are riding in as long as you can keep up with the pace.

Manchester Wheelers

This is a Manchester-based cycling club based in Northern England. The club offers regular rides and members usually compete in road races, on the track, cycle-cross and time trials. They welcome new memberships to the sport who’s interested in cycling for racing, training or simply joy riding.

Deeside Thistle

Deeside Thistle is one of the oldest cycling clubs in Scotland with a membership of about 650, of which more than 340 are British-based. Club activities include sportives, re-merging cycle-cross, time trials, road racing, and mountain biking.

The above-mentioned clubs are just some of the UK’s popular cycling clubs. The list of clubs you may join is
long and you may visit their respective websites for more information.

UK’s Most Adventurous Cycling Routes

·London’s The Box Hill Olympic Circuit, England

·Lake Districts’ Lakeland Loop, England

·London’s Richmond Park, England

·Yorkshire’s The Settle Circular, England

·Powys’ Elan Valley, Wales

·Cornwall’s The Camel Trail, England

·And others

Keep up with UK’S cycling events calendar and register for an event near you. Some of the upcoming cycling
events in the United Kingdom such as Escape The City, Land’s End 100, One Night In Thetford, The Gold Rush Gravelcross, Top Of The Rock, Fair City Enduro, Red Bull Timelaps among others.